The Boxer Advantage

Site, provides links to tools for research:

HISTORY: of (P-P) combination drawn and listed on The Boxer sheet


A-R-T: (Analytical-Research-Tools)

Leading (P-P) of (C-R) combinations and (C-R) separately

Leading (P-P of (F-P B-P S-P)

Leading (P-P) of (L-D)


System: Dates of P-P drawn relating to,

(6-Way and (3-Way) boxed combinations

F-P has (10) (P-P), recording (P-P) of each (F-P) drawn

B-P has (10) (P-P), recording (P-P) of each (F-P) drawn

S-P has (10) (P-P), recording (P-P) of each (F-P) drawn

(L-D) has (3) columns - (5) (P-P)


CHARTS: Review patterns and potential of (P-P) relating to (6-Way and 3-Way) boxed combinations


SLOT-LOT: Apply digits in (C) & (R) or individual (C or R) for (1) or more combinations in (P-P) on The Boxer sheet.


Spin: For subscribers who want to leave it up to, luck of the spin selecting combination.