Appreciation-Opportunity (A-O) (Bonus)

In appreciation for subscribing to, without any additional cost or fees, Subscribers are automatically entered into the (A-O) system. The system is designed to afford Subscribers an opportunity to share in revenue generated from winnings of two (2) Super lotteries, Mega-Million and Powerball.

Each Subscriber will have one (1%) percent of one (1) ticket purchased by sponsors of the Due-Sheet for each drawing of Mega-Million and Powerball drawings twice weekly for the duration of one (1) year, (52-Weeks) subscriptions.

Upon registering and becoming an active Subscriber, each Subscriber is assigned a Unit I-D with a Group number in which Subscriber can identify on the Internet their ticket number listed under their Unit-Group-Number (U-G-N) before each drawing. Example: (U-G-N): A-001 – A002 – A-003 thru A-012)

Each Unit can have as many as twelve (12) tickets when the Unit has the maximum of one thousand (1,000) Subscribers. Each Subscriber is assigned to one (1) ticket only. The plus Bonus: If any of the tickets assigned to a Unit shares a winning Jackpot or win the Million dollar prize, all Subscribers of the Unit will share equally in a five (5%) percent pool from winning ticket except for the members that have one (1%) percent of the winning ticket.

(1%) Charts

(Millions)             (Percent)                        Total
     1                     1                          10,000.00
     2                     1                          20,000.00
     3                     1                          30,000.00
     4                     1                          40,000.00
     5                     1                          50,000.00
     6                     1                          60,000.00
     7                     1                          70,000.00
     8                     1                          80,000.00
     9                     1                          90,000.00
    10                     1                         100,000.00
    15                     1                         150,000.00
    25                     1                         250,000.00
    40                     1                         400,000.00
    50                     1                         500,000.00
   100                     1                       1,000,000.00
   500                     1                       5,000,000.00

(Billion)              (Percent)                       Total   
     1                     1                      10,000,000.00
     2                     1                      20,000,000.00

# Add up the Millions and/or multiply them from scale chart to reveal Total (1%) of any size Jackpot. All calculations are calculated: Less Taxes

Winning tickets other than Jackpot or Million dollar prize is placed in Group account of winning tickets and when the amount to share equals a minimum of fifty ($50.00) dollars and more for each percentage of the Groups, they shall receive their fare share.

If the group amount is averaging less than five ($5.00) dollars per Subscriber, a once a year disbursement will be activated, before Subscription ends.